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"A Peaceful Resting Place in Paradise"
A Peaceful Resting Place in Paradise offers a highly spiritual and personal alternative to the usual mundane burials and ash scatterings.

"A Sea Burial"

A Sea Burial offers ash scattering of cremation remains and burial services by boat are offered in both the Atlantic Ocean

"Adams Flying Services"

Scattering of Cremated Remains by Air Land or Sea Northern Central California & Nevada

"Aerial Burial 2000"

Aerial Burial 2000 will scatter the cremated remains of your loved one from an aircraft. An alternative to burial or interment

"Armstrong Family Mortuary"

Armstrong Family Mortuary specializes in burials, cremations, and shipment throughout the world and funeral products

"Ash Scattering by Air"

Darrin Silver Scatter your loved one's ashes by air and majestic coastline serve as a monument to honor their life.

"Ashes and Oceans"

Ashes and Oceans Traditional maritime burials at sea and guarantees you a professional, affordable memorial service for your loved ones.

"Ashes At Sea, Inc."

Ashes At Sea, Inc.Offering a dignified, low cost alternative to the traditional land burial

"Ashes On The Sea"

Ashes On The Sea Scattering ashes about 1 mile off of the San Diego coast. For unattended scatterings, the ceremony is videotaped.

"Ashes to the Sea"

Ashes To The Sea offers scattering of ashes around the beautiful Channel Islands off the coast of Santa Barbara, California.

"Atlantis Society"

Atlantis Society provide a dignified scattering of ashes or full body burial at sea off the Coast

"Baran, LeLesch & Lord"

Baran, LeLesch & Lord perform a beautiful, loving, memorial ceremony for you, on the gentle, tropical waters of Hawaii.

"Beyond the Gate"

Beyond the Gate offers dispersing or scattering ashes at sea. Burial at sea is possible and affordable.

"Bluewater Tributes"

Bluewater Tributes offersScattering of cremated remains at sea.and offers a dignified way to disperse your loved one''s cremated remains

"Burial at Sea Services"

Burials at sea are a caring and dignified alternative burial service. We are a conduit for families and loved ones who arrive at the decision to scatter cremains on the sea. We support that decision with the very best in access to the water, qualified staff and years of experience.

"C Burial"

Burial at sea. Complete maritime funeral options. Free Veterans' Sea Burial. Cremation and full body burials.

"Charter Boat Tampa VII"

Charter Boat Tampa VII Burial at sea off the coast of New Jersey up to 49 passengers and other services

"Coastal Sunset Memorial"

Coastal Sunset Memorial provide a dignified scattering of ashes or full body burial at sea off the Coast on the Beautiful Pacific Ocean

"Cremation Society of Virginia LC"

Located in Richmond, it's largest provider of cremation services and offers a simple, dignified alternative to the high costs of funerals. Licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia, serves Central, Piedmont and Northern Virginia, and the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula. Twice recognized as the best cremation society in the United States by the Associated Cremation Societies of America.

"Dandy Connections, Inc."

Dandy Connections, Inc.offers Sea Scattering With,Sea Scattering Information of Human Cremation Remains

"Desert Wing Aviation"

Desert Wings Scattering specializes in the aerial, marine, and fireworks scattering of cremated remains. Beloved pet scattering

"Eternal Ascent Society, Inc."

holds the [only] U.S. patent for the method of placing "cremains" in a balloon and sending them skyward.

"Final Flights"

provide sa dignified scattering of your loved one's ashes from the air, returning them to the earth or sea.

"Funeral Services at Sea"

is offering you burials at sea. Let the peaceful and serene waters of the Gulfstream bring you to a closure with a dignified seaburial aboard our motor yacht. The vessel Watercolor is based out off Key Largo, an area in the Florida Keys significant for its maritime history and the most beautiful waters in the world.

"Funerals at Sea"

Funerals at Sea provide a professional service in the scattering of cremated remains at Sea for the Sydney and Central Coast areas

"Hawaii Aerial Scattering"

Hawaii Aerial Scattering provides scatters of ashes off the coast of Panda Park on Molokai Island.

"Heaven's Wings"

performs ocean scattering off the California coastline at Big Sur, the coast range mountains and by arrangement the Sierras or the Desert.

"Judy Zoliniak"

Judy Zoliniak offers Scattering at Sea For a loved one who passed away, and for those left behind, economical alternative to the high cost

"Lowther Cremation Services Inc"

Services include cremation, scattering, transport, and regrigeration.

"Memorial at Sea"

Disbursal of ashes and burial of bodily remains to the winds, waves and depth of the Atlantic Ocean.

"Nautilus Cremation Society"

Natutilus Cremation Society offers cremation services in Central California and Orange County. Offers caskets, urns etc.

"Ocean Cremation Dispositions"

Ocean Cremation Dispositions offers funeralservices,Offering Faithful and Reverent Scatterings of Cremated Remains at Sea

"Pacific Coast Ashes At Sea"

Provides dignified burial at sea in the form of the scattering of cremated remains.

"Pacific Sunset Burials"

Pacific Sunset Burials provide a dignified scattering of ashes or full body burial at sea Special requests for unique locations for scattering

"Pacifica Neptune Services"

Offering the scattering of cremated remains at sea off scenic Monterey Bay, California.

"Phoenix Rising"

One Source for an Endless Selection of Unique and Personal Arrangements for Cremated Remains

"Rev. Ke'ala"

offering as well burials at sea in two wonderful locations.

"Riptide Sportfishing"

Riptide Sportfishing offersScattering of cremated remains. Ashes Scattering provides a dignified burial at sea aboard the riptide out of San Mateo.

"San Francisco Hang Gliding"

San Francisco Hang Gliding offers scattering services,scatter the cremains for you while you watch the entire flight from the beach.

"San Francisco Sea Scattering"

Scatter your loved one''s ashes at sea off the San Francisco coast with the Golden Gate Bridge as the monument

"San Fransisco Bay Scattering"

The Organization of Professional Morticiansprovide flowers, refreshments, clergy and a memorial folder indicating the date of scattering

"Sanctuary Cruises"

Offers conservation-based whale watching on a non-smoking, non-fishing boat in Monterey; also offers ash scattering services.

"Sea Ashes of Sanibel and Captiva Islands"

Sea Ashes of Sanibel and Captiva Islands will scatter the ashes of your loved ones on the warm turquoise waters off beautiful Sanibel

"Sea Burial"

Sea Burial offers a variety of ash scattering services at sea, and good services of cremations and burial

"Sea Services, Inc."

Sea Services, Inc. provide final sanctuary. They are America's oldest and largest provider of burials at sea and ocean memorials, serving families and funeral professionals worldwide.

"Sextant Aviation Services"

Sextant Aviation Services scattering ashes over Monterey bay by air an environmentally responsible alternative

"Skipper J. Tuttle"

provide an economical alternative to scatter cremated remains at sea.

"Southern Marine Services"

can take you to sea angling, diving, wreck fishing or for an enjoyable party trip. Provide ashes scattered at sea as well.

"Stardust Worldwide"

Offer dignified scattering services to anyone, anywhere possible. Also arrange special religious or military services, flowers, funerals.

"The Eternal Sea Society"

provides an ecologically appropriate disposition of cremated earthly remains using boats powered by oars, tide, and wind.

"The Neptune Society"

Neptune Cremation provides and offers cremation services in Central California and Orange County.

"The Sailing Center"

The Sailing Center provides burial at sea in the form of the scattering of cremated remains at sea

"Trial's End Aerial Dispersion"

Trial's End Aerial Dispersion Provides the service of scattering ashes from an airplane in Colorado.

"Valkyrie Flight Services"

Valkyrie Flight Services offers Aerial scattering of creamated ashes is a highly afforadable nationwide service

"VYC Inc."

VYC, Inc.also specializes in sea scatterings attended by family and friends as well as unescorted scatterings of cremated remains .

"Waite & Son Funeral Homes"

Family owned and operated since 1902 the professionals at Waite & Son Funeral Homes understand your need to turn to someone you know and trust at times of personal loss. Including ashes scattering service.

"Wilderness Gardens"

Scattering and cremation services. Online buy-form.

"Winds Of The Earth"

Scattering cremated ashes onto the Pacific Ocean

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