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"Affordable Caskets"
suppliers of caskets, urns, monuments and memorials.

"All About Pet Urns"

Pet cremation urns, caskets, clock urns, biodegradables, pet memorial planters, pet blooming remembrances, pet memorial keepsakes, pet memorials with free shipping.

"American Urn, Inc."

American Urn Inc. provides handcrafted cremation urns with personalization in natural marble inserts.

"Arlington Memorials"

suppliers of monuments, memorials, markers, headstones, footstones, tombstones, gravestones, sculptures, granite, marble.

"Avalon Design Group"

Designs manufactures non-traditional fine art bronze Story Sculptures urns that store cremation remains, preserving the memory of life.

"Barrera Monument, LLP"

Barrera Monument Company is locally owned and operated. We've been helping families with their memorial needs since 1967 and offer many monument styles made of a variety of materials.

"Better Buy Urns"

Manufactures and Supplies solid hardwood urns, we take a lot of pride in being the distributor of our fine products at the lowest cost.

"Big Country Caskets"

Big Country Caskets - offers caskets, urns, and memorial markers.

"Bivens Urn and Casket Co."

Bivens Urn and Casket Co. offers superior quality and exceptional value. All of our urns are handcrafted from your choice of black walnut, oak, ash, poplar, cherry and mahogany in a variety of styles. Simple, elegant and affordable.

"Bolstad Woodworks Inc."

Fine handcrafted jewelry chests, fountains, urns, and tables. Jewelry chests and furniture designs created by the Bolstads

"California Cemetery Brokers"

Assists in locating cemetery properties, graves, crypts, and cremation niches, serives in cremation and funerals

"Cameron & Fraser Ltd"

manufacturer of fine quality cloth covered caskets and coffins, rough boxes, cremation cases, knock-down units, custom crates and pallets.

"Carved Marble Products"

Carved Marble Products are manufactures of high quality hand carved marble cremation urns.

"Casket Gallery"

Casket Gallery manufactures and sells coffins caskets and urns directly to the public at wholesale prices. Provides combined funeral.

"Caskets and Urns"

Manufacturers and suppliers of fine hand-crafted caskets and urns made out of solid rosewood and also funeral accessories.

"Cherished Memory"

Cherished Memory handcrafted artwork and cremation urns, offering full sized pieces and keepsakes from cast acrylic, bronze and marble to stunning wind chimes and sundials in our Garden Series to hand-finished enamel clo.isonnes

"Clay In Motion"

makes creative and functional tableware ceramic products for retail and wholesale, bisque, urns, dental cuspidors and garden sculpture. They can as well develop an industrial design to bring your idea or clay project into full production in Bisque or Finished.

"Columbia Wilbert Vault Co."

we manufacture, deliver, and service the finest burial vault available.

"Completing the Circle"

Completing the Circle Supplier of Memorial Products Interior Columbarium for churches. Florida

"CR Bronze Works"

This bronze foundry specializes in bronze grave markers, headstones, cemetery markers, plaques, urns and lettering.

"Creative Cremains"

Creative Cremains Custom designed funeral urns and objects of art. The unique alternative to the traditional funeral urn.

"Creative Urns Inc."

Manufacturers and suppliers of creative urns made of original classic design and world class craftsman ship with all funeral arrangements.

"Cremation Urns"

Manufacturer of hardwood cremation urns with an attractive and elegant design.

"Cul-Mar Creations, Inc."

manufacture of quality cremation urns for pets and humans, with 10 years of experience.

"Davis Whitehall Co."

specialize in handcrafted cremation urns created from solid hardwoods and exotic veneers, brass, and cultured stone.

"Dayco, Inc."

Dayco Wooden Caskets - offers handmade wooden caskets, burial urns, and cremation boxes.

"Design Cast Studios L.L.C."

some of the many products that we are producing are licensed Wizard of Oz collectibles, NASA/JPL licensed products such as the Asteroid model series, Parrot Fins sculptures for Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville, floral columns, cremation urns, pet funeral products, and furniture components.

"Designer Urns"

contemporary ceramic artist offers one of a kind designer urns.

"Distinctive Urns"

Offering engraved bronze, wood and Cloisonne cremation urns, jewelry pendants and keepsakes.

"Donvovan Creek Studios"

Carved soapstone items, soapstone vessls, soapstone sculpture,soapstone urns. New soapstone items created in Montana

"DuMor Inc."

SUPPLIERS ONLINE DuMor, Inc. DuMor, Inc. offers more than 300 site amenities including benches, receptacles, ash urns, picnic tables and tree guards

"Dynasty Urns"

division of Custom Marble Design, Inc., manufactures marble cremation urns using only the highest quality raw materials and manufacturing processes.

"Ebner-Wood Urns"

Manufacturers and supplier of wood urns.

"Everlasting Urns"

hand turned wooden cremation urns. We are able to turn unique shapes and add custom carving to your urn.


dedicated to serving the independent funeral director, has been manufacturing cremation products for a long time.

"Fine Art In Urns"

Manufacturer and supplier of a prestige collection of cremation urns in fine woods of mahogany or pine with or with out aluminium plough caliber 3 with a bath of poliester gold or silŮver, or gold with silver that wont rust.

"Finlays of Ardee Ltd."

manufacture and supply of quality funeral goods, serving funeral directors in Ireland, Britain and selected other markets.

"Gray Claw"

manufacturers and suppliers of pet urns. The Pet Urn is made of natural bamboo, accented with soft leather and feathers.

"Greenfield Coffins Ltd."

traditional style shoulder coffin using advanced design and techniques. We only make coffins from 100% biodegradable materials and offer you contacts for the locations of Natural Burial Sites.

"H.A.L. Woodworking"

family-owned woodworking store. We specialize in wine racks and accessories, cremation urns, plaques, and trophy bases. All of our products are solid wood.

"Hallmark Urns, Inc."

our urns are hand crafted with the finest materials available and great care is given to personalize each one to your satisfaction.

"Helke Funeral Home"

provide families with a wide range of traditional funeral ceremonies, as well as contemporary cremation services.

"Hepburn Superior"

Hepburn Superior manufactures and distributes funeral home, cemetery, and crematory products and supplies

"Holian Memorial's"

offer monuments, markers, slants and bevel style memorials, individual memorials, companion memorials as well as family estate memorials.

"Holland Supply Inc."

Holland Supply Inc. provides and supplier of cemetery and funeral equipments. Serving the cemetery, funeral home and burial vault industries

"Holmes Creek Creations"

holmescreekcreations provide Cremation Urns in wood, granite, and marble. All sizes for companion, human, keepsake, and Urns

"Imperial Casket ltd."

Provides funeral casket, cremation, urns, metal casket, hardwood casket, cloth casket and funeral artistics products.

"Interproducts Group, Inc"

Cremation urns in a variety of styles and finishes available at wholesale prices.crematory, funeral home, funeral parlor

"Janus Sculptures"

Provides Custom crafted hardwood and bronze sculptures, memorials, and urns. Also offers Cremation, caskets, Burial, Coffin.

"Kevin Petelle"

Supplier of sculptor fine art memorial urns Kevin Pettelle works with the human figure, public, corporate and public commissions.

"KeyRidge Industries"

Manufacturer of cremation urns in hardwood reflecting elegant design Cremation has become an alternative choice to burial

"Koch Enterprises, L.L.C."

Koch provides a full line of cremation urns, artistic products, in addition to bronze, hardwood, pewter and genuine marble

"Lake Shore Burial Vault Company"

Manufacturer of the Doric line of precast concrete burial recepticals, cremation urns, lawn crypts, and other burial related products. Lakeshore also manufactures precast concrete septic tanks, wastewater treatment plants for single homes and small commercial applications, fuel containment vessels and related accessories.

"Mabrey Products"

Manufacturing of cremation urns from solid and exotic hardwoods.

"MCS Supply"

A leading supplier in the pet cremation & cemetary industry ofurns caskets and other accessories.


Mementos are objects made with molten glass that contain a bit of cremation ash (cremains) from our client's loved one or pet. We include ceremony in the creative process and honor the life of the person with whom we are working. Mementos can be made in the form of spheres, touchstones, and custom objects.

"Memorials by Design"

We have everything you need to personalize the resting place of your loved one.


Memories personalized creamation urns offer you a desired alternative to scattering offers funeral, mortuary, tomb, urn, vault, urn vault

"Natural Stone Urns"

Provide in all of our full size and keep-sake Designer Urns are hand crafted in Vermont with great pride and attention to detail.

"Nine Rainbows Urns"

Nine Rainbows Urns, are suppliers of custom urns personalized urns, pet urns, memorials, custom memorialization and cremation urns.

"North Central Imports"

These urns are of natural marble and are available in four different colors. As with any natural stone, patterns and shades vary with each piece

"Northern Casket"

Northern Casket, online casket, funeral, manufacturing, tradition, quality, Canadian Funeral Directors, Canada, environmental, burial product


"provides cremation urns - hand crafted hardwood urns. All of our cremation urns are made from Select Premium Grade 3/4"" Hardwoods"

"OfTheLandGallery Pottery Funerary Urns"

Beautiful and Natural Pottery Funerary Urns from OfTheLandGallery.com!

"Owl Brothers Industries"

A family owned and operated manufacturer of caskets, coffins, and urns.

"Padat, Ltd."

Manufacturers and suppliers of air trays, burial boxes, artistic boxes and cremation trays.

"Passages International Inc."

compassionate temporary containers for cremated remains. Providing alternatives for families not selecting a permanent urn. Hand crafted, biodegradeable and suitable for scattering. Replaces undiginified cardboard/plastic boxes.

"Peak Memorial Products"

Offering a unique full line selection of cremation urns constructed of Corian and fine hardwoods. Some feature detailed laser engraved artwork, others fine art sculpture accents, and some portray the rich, warm beauty of American hardwoods.

"Poudre Park Pottery."

Producers and Suppliers of Hand Thrown Stoneware Cremation Urns and stone ware hand thrown pottery, Poudre Park Pottery etc.

"QiShan Monument Company of China"

QiShan Monument Company of China Manufacture and export granite monuments from China, two kinds of granite, green and grey. Production includes a wide range such as monuments, vases, urns and fireplace. We have five years experience in export trade.

"Quality Cremation Urns"

cremation, cremation urn, cremation urns, marble urns, marble urn, cloisonne, keepsake, keepsake urns, keepsake urn, memorial.

"Rays Of Joy"

Stained Glass human cremation Urns and pet urns with keepsake box above cremains compartment, can put photo in lid and engrave on glass

"RMG Stone Products, Inc."

manufacturer of marble and granite products. Offer a large range of monuments and memorials, statues, sculptures, pedestals, furniture in stone, marble and granite, gifts and more.

"Rock of Ages Corporation"

integrated granite quarrier, manufacturer and retailer whose principal product is granite memorials used primarily in cemeteries.

"Rocky Mountain Cremation Urns"

Rocky Mountain Cremation Urns are committed to providing only the highest quality products hand made in the village of Cuchara, Colorado

"S&S Cremation Urns"

The foremost company in manufacturing ceramic urns, crafted to be functional yet beautiful. S and S Cremation Urns specializes in memorial urns for funeral homes and memoriums.

"Schanlo Urn Company Ltd"

Schanlo Urn Compamy Ltd., Keepsake urns, Candle stick urn, cremation urns, cremation urn, cremation, urns and funeral accessories.

"SNI Granites"

SNI Granites - manufactures and exports finished granite monuments and memorials

"Southside Granite Company"

Southside Granite Company Builders of custom GRANITE and MARBLE countertops, flooring, memorials and other fine stone products

"Spirit Vessels"

Spirit Vessels offer hand-crafted pottery, cremation urns, direct to you from artist Chrysan Spreng; these elegantly crafted cremation urns are created from the earth and transformed by fire to produce a timeless piece of strength and beauty. Great respect and care is given while crafting each urn to ensure the highest quality of workmanship. These urns are made one at a time.

"Stevenson Everlasting Memories"

produces pet funerals suppliers, pet markers laser engraving tombstones headstones plaques grave markers memorials urns ,ohio granite marble.

"Sunshine Enterprises Ltd"

Sunshine Enterprises Private Limited started during the year 1991 with a view to manufacture and export Granite Finished products. From 1991 onwards our concern has satisfied the demands of the buyers from The United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Australia and continuing it.

"The Everlasting Urn"

The Everlasting Urn is a simple and flexible self-contained memorial.The Everlasting Urn has the distinct advantage of offering memorialisation

"The Natural Urn"

Natural Urn provides quality, environmentally safe urns Urns, Cremation Container Funeral Home, Funeral Director, Funeral, Cemetery

"The Windsor Casket Company, Inc."

Offering several products for death care including: cremation urns, burial vaults, pet caskets, youth & infant caskets & vaults, casket stands & preparatory room refinishing.


Visit this complete line of personalized cremation urns and unique memorial products. Includes engraved pendants, candlestick urns and EternaLights

"Transfercare Protectors Inc."

Funeral Fine Art Collection of Limited Edition Cremation Urns.

"Urne Cinerarie Italia Pietro Curati"

manufacturer of ash urns in wood with inlay work

"urns etc"

Highest quality "fine" urns for adults, children and pets. Now available directly from the manufacturer.

"Urns In Wood"

Urns in wood specializes in the production of hand crafted cremation urns in the natural beauty of wood. Urns in wood hopes it can help you in honouring your loved ones by providing a quality product for their memorial service.

"Urns Mart.com"

offer exclusive line of individually crafted cremation urns at wholesale prices direct to customers. They are able to offer these savings because produce a line, have no middle men, and do not carry the overhead of traditional funeral homes

"Urns Northwest"

Beautiful hardwood cremation urns to keep the memory of your loved one. Handcrafted urns at wholesale prices.hardwood urn, cremation urns


Wood Products manufactures quality wholesale wooden cremation ashes urns, vases and wooden art factory direct: offer all kind of products, such as cremation urns, memorial urns, pet urns, wood & composite urns and links to urns from all over the world.


Manufacturers and suppliers of cremation, urn, funeral, death, burial, scattering, ashes, memorial and all other funeral accessories.

"Victoriaville Group"

The Group is composed of funeral industry companies who decided to join forces to share their unique expertise, marketing and distribution networks to offer funeral homes a complete line of quality products and services.


Cremation Urns: Vida-Bauer Urns are original, distinctive in design, and finely handcrafted from hardwood. Made with exceptional care and respect

"Vyra Casket"

Vyra Casket is a manufacturer of wooden burial caskets and other caskets monthly production is about 800 caskets

"West Urn Creations"

West Urn Creations has a large selection of original handcrafted, artistic articles, solid wood cremation urns with special attention.

"West Urn Creations"

Offering urn and crematory items

"Wilbert Funeral Services, Inc"

Leading supplier of burial vaults in the United States and Canada. Also offering a complete line of cremation services, urns and urn vaults.

"Wilson Monuments"

It has a large selection of monuments, urns, vases, benches, historical markers, plaques, and much more.

"WMC Enterprises"

Their urns are available in a variety of material and designs to best honor you loved one.

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